An Introduction to the Main Elements of Peacock Weddings

As you may be aware, peacock wedding themes are extremely popular with contemporary couples. While you may be aware that this particular theme involves making use of peacock icons, colors, and feathers, you may still be wondering how to tie together all of these elements into a uniform approach to your wedding. At the very least, if you know which themes, colors, and flowers are most popular, you will have a chance of creating a wedding plan that everyone will enjoy.

Most Popular Peacock Wedding Themes

  • Simple Peacock Wedding Theme – Basic peacock colors and a few icons.
  • Intermediate Peacock Wedding Theme – Colors plus feathers and some dress elements
  • Extreme Peacock Wedding Theme – May have live peacocks or rare iconic symbols

Overall, the peacock wedding theme is one of the most versatile in terms of colors, complexity, and materials. You can easily use everything from different colored feathers to blue and teal glitter as well as traditional white dresses and accents. As an added bonus, if you want to change elements of the theme later on, you will find it less expensive than if you work with some other theme.

Most Popular Peacock Wedding Colors

  • Blues and Teals
  • Greens and Light Brown
  • Black and Gold

For the most part, if you can see a color in a peacock’s feather, it is fair game for your wedding. While this can make it very easy to select decorations and choose garments, you should still make sure that all of the Peacock Wedding colors complement each other. For example, if you are going to use a lot of dark blue, you may want to use gold with a few black accents instead of dark green or brown.

Most Popular Peacock Wedding Flowers

  • Iruses
  • Lavender
  • Bachelor Buttons
  • Violas
  • Lobelias
  • Blue Roses

When it comes to enjoying a wide array of flower selections, there are many that are suitable for a peacock wedding. In fact, when it comes to beautiful and inexpensive Peacock Wedding flowers, you can incorporate just about anything into a peacock wedding bouquet. No matter whether you adore Roses or other darker colored flowers, they will all look beautiful at your wedding.

Some Reasons Why People See Peacock Weddings as a Complete Theme

Even though the peacock wedding enables couples to choose an endless array of colors, textures and designs, it is still considered a complete theme. Invariably, if you focus on simple, intermediate, and extreme versions, then you will have a better sense of how each variant will work for your special day. Here are a few other reasons why peacock weddings are considered so beneficial:

  • Most decorations are inexpensive and easy to obtain
  • A wide range of selection in terms of colors and design elements
  • Easy to modify various aspects of the wedding without disrupting all other plans.

If you haven’t selected a theme yet for your wedding, going with a peacock wedding theme may be your best option. At the very least, if you start out considering a wide range of Peacock wedding colors, Peacock wedding flowers and textures, you can always narrow it down later on. As an added bonus, you can have peace of mind knowing that staying with the peacock theme will ensure you have one of the trendiest weddings of the season.

An Introduction to Peacock Weddings

If you are looking for the perfect theme for your wedding, then a Peacock Wedding may have an enormous amount of appeal. Aside from being one of the most popular contemporary themes, you are also sure to appreciate the wide range of colors and textures that you can add to every element of your wedding decorations and clothing. Chances are you would be amazed by all of the fascinating color schemes, cake decorations, and other designs that you can use to create a magical wedding.

Benefits of Having a Peacock Wedding

  • Theme is appropriate for any time of year. If you are planning to get married, but haven’t quite set a date, working with a peacock theme can give you a bit of extra time to plan and develop your budget. At the very least, you won’t be trying to assemble invitations, clothing, and decorations for a wedding that will occur in a shorter time than you can work with comfortably. As an added bonus, the peacock wedding can also accommodate any number of guests.
  • Inexpensive and easy to coordinate. Since a peacock wedding involves many different colors and shades of colors, you will find it far less expensive than themes that rely on fewer colors. Consider a situation where you are planning to buy discounted wedding napkins. If you cannot find enough of one color, you can always select a few extra colors and distribute them in the wedding hall without problems.
  • Individuals in the wedding party can express their clothing preferences in many different ways. If one bridesmaid wants to wear blue, another teal, and a third gold, they can all choose the colors they want and still match the peacock wedding theme. In addition, if they want to wear different dress styles, they will fit right in with all of the other personalized looks.

Peacock Weddings: New or Old Concept?

Even though peacock weddings represent a hot new trend, they have actually been used for hundreds of years. For example, in India, many people use the peacock icon and feathers for good luck during weddings. In addition, the peacock wedding was also fairly popular in Tudor England.

Some Reasons Why People Prefer Peacock Weddings

If you are looking for inexpensive and elegant wedding themes, the peacock wedding should be at the top of your list. This wedding theme will also give you plenty of room to use your creative skills. Some other reasons why people prefer peacock weddings include:

  • Bridal dress can include a large number of decorations, including feathers
  • Decorations and favors can be purchased in smaller units in order to take advantage of clearances
  • Everyone will be talking about your wedding being the trendiest of the season.

When you are getting married, there is nothing worse than having a hard time deciding what theme you will have. Unfortunately, if you do not make this decision early on, you will not be able to select invitations let alone plan your wedding in an organized way. That said, if you are still having a hard time, starting with a peacock wedding theme may make it easier for you to make changes as you go along.